“The Boys Next Door” Brought to Life!

Exciting news! If you’ve ever wondered what The Boys Next Door would sound like as an audiobook — well, the full book version is still a fantasy, but you can get a little taste of it on the Book Thingo podcast.

Two talented actors are reading excerpts of the pool scene between Diana and Ian, with an interview in between.

Check it out: http://bookthingo.com.au/bt045-romanceclass-actors-makes-your-heart-race/

Another steamy book, Escaping Mr Right by Avril Tremayne, is also featured. Huge thanks to the lovely Kat of Book Thingo for hosting the podcast, to Mina V. Esguerra for organizing the recording as part of her awesome work with the #romanceclass live romance book readings (and much more), to the actors Rachel Coates and Miguel Almendras for voicing Di and Ian, and to everyone else who made this happen.

You might want to wear earbuds, ’cause this isn’t exactly safe for work.

It’s amazing to hear Di and Ian brought to life. Someday I’d love to hear a reading with Brendan in the mix…maybe the treehouse scene…or yes, an entire audiobook…a girl can dream. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!


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