Title Reveal & Teaser for the “Boys Next Door” Sequel

Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of love and warm fuzzies, I present to you the official title of the long-untitled Boys Next Door sequel.


The Girl In Between. 

That would be Diana, who’s in between in more ways than one. The Girl In Between will release in Spring or Summer 2018, and it’s shaping up to be a sweet, hot ride.

I can’t wait to show you guys the cover next month! In the meantime, you can add The Girl In Between to your Goodreads TBR pile. You can also sign up for pre-order/live alerts here.

To round out the lovin’ vibes, here’s a teaser from GIB. What do you think?



Each word of the poem dropped into the dark bedroom, spreading ripples. When she finished reading — nothing.

“Diana.” Ian finally spoke. “We don’t have to do anything tonight if you don’t want to.”

“What do you mean?” She sat upright.

“You said everything was going so fast.”

“I like it that way.”

“I know, and you’ve always been so hot and into it, but then you read this —” he tapped the poem in her hand — “and I’m thinking about how you went from nothing to me and Brendan in the treehouse, and us getting together, and being so wild and crazy out of nowhere…”

“It’s not out of nowhere,” she protested.

“Okay, it’s not.” He smiled faintly. “You had the craziest, dirtiest fantasies, but they were all in your head for the longest time, right? I don’t want you to feel like it always has to be about sex with us.”

“You don’t want me to feel that way,” she repeated. “Why don’t you tell me how you feel?”

“I guess I’m saying that I don’t want to feel that way.”

“Thanks.” With one fingertip, she traced his lips. “I know that’s not all there is.”

What would it be like if they didn’t have sex? Her curiosity intensified as his breath stirred her hair.

“What if we do things but we don’t have sex tonight?” she murmured.

She caught Ian’s smile in the dark, a flash of white teeth. “What kinds of things?”

She was feeling her way, with no idea what lay around the corner. What kinds of things? Ian was right. She hadn’t just dashed around the bases with the boys next door, she’d blown up the ball field. She’d been so hungry to experience all the touch she’d been missing, so eager to cut through the awkward moments of figuring out someone else. Two someones.

Ian rubbed her back as she lay beside him, the barest amount of space between their bodies. His touch was gentle, but tension coiled his arms. Hard flesh brushed her stomach. He was holding back. Knowing Ian, that didn’t come easy.

Her mouth still felt the words of her poem, and she could swear her ears still echoed with every sweet and dirty word he’d ever growled or whispered to her.

“Can you put your mouth on me?”

His eyelids flickered, but he kept the distance between them. “Where, baby?”

“Start at the top.”

Grasping her waist, he rolled her onto her back. The twisted sheets and blankets rubbed her skin. His face came closer and closer, moonlight outlining his brow and cheekbones.

He kissed her hair, then her forehead. Lips touched each eyelid and her nose. Her breath quickened when warm hands cupped her cheeks. The kiss that landed on her lips was so innocent, it didn’t even occur to her to open her mouth.

“You’re such a nice kisser,” she whispered.

He grunted softly. “I’ve never gone this slow.”

“Not even for your first kiss?”

“What are you talking about? This is my first kiss.”


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