The Girl in Between Teaser #2

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s true, but…The Girl in Between is FINALLY done! Di, Ian, and Brendan are in the hands of beta readers now. It’s been a privilege and a challenge to spend the last eighteen months with them. I love these characters so much, and I wanted — needed — to do them justice. I hope you love the next part of their story.

To celebrate, I’m sharing another teaser with you. This one is from a dream sequence.



She and the twins were kids, speeding through the neighborhood on their bikes, the wheels hardly touching the ground. Brendan ahead of her like always, but not too far, so he could keep an eye on her; Ian far ahead, popping wheelies, a bump away from soaring into blue sky or eating pavement. As she pedaled faster and faster, she gained ground on them, flying past Brendan first.

“I’ve never passed you before,” she squealed, giddy with excitement.

“Keep going, Di,” he urged. “Don’t stop. Faster. Go. Go. Go.”

Brendan wasn’t usually pushy like this. Encouraging, but pushy? Brendan? No. But his voice drove her on.

Her legs pumped faster. She was panting, wind whistling past, blowing her bangs off her forehead. Close to Ian now, gaining on him, passing him.

“Look at me!” she crowed. “Look, Ian! Are you looking?”

She glanced back over her shoulder, just to make sure he saw her moment of glory.

The bump that came shook her body. She flew into the air, over her handlebars, both twins staring at her, and landed with a thud.

She was naked, eighteen and grown-up, flat on her back on Ian’s bed with all his posters looking down. A boy crouched over her — no, a man. Strong hands pinned her shoulders to the mattress.

“Oh yeah,” he whispered. “I’m looking.”

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