Priceless is Coming January 9!

Hey guys! My next book, PRICELESS, is coming out on January 9, 2020! It’s steamy. Edgy. Walking the line between darkness and cute banter. M/F. Icy lone wolf & ex-cheerleader with baggage.

Cover reveal is December 16. There may be some kind of pre-order situation, so stay tuned.

Want a review copy? Request one here.

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Check out the blurb for PRICELESS.

Genre/Flavor: Contemporary, New Adult, Erotic Romance. Kink. Psychological twistiness. Angst with humor. Slightly self-destructive college students with hidden hearts of gold. Anti-hero meets anti-heroine.

For teasers and snippets, stop by on Instagram.

So excited for Patrick and Christina to meet the world…are you ready?


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