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CRAVE Story #4: “Disturbing the Peace” (Excerpt)

Hey friends! I’m so excited to share the fourth CRAVE story with you.

Thanks for your patience. These past few weeks have been very busy, especially since I’m working on a big project alongside this one — my next novel! I can’t wait to give you all the details soon.

I hope you enjoy “Disturbing the Peace.” This story’s a little more emotional than its predecessors, because that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. But in the end, there’s a measure of peace. 🙂

Quick recap: CRAVE is a free short story series that I launched in March in light of the fact that we could all use a distraction as we navigate lockdown.

CRAVE is meant to be a pick-me-up, with erotic stories that are fluffy, light, and smutty. Tune in for updates every few weeks.

Hope you’re hanging in there, and that these stories give you a fun escape.



Edited 7/16/20: CRAVE is now a book! Some of the stories on this site are now excerpted for publishing purposes. You can pick up a copy of CRAVE at AmazonAppleBarnes and NobleKobo, or Smashwords. CRAVE includes seven scorching stories — five from this spring’s series, and two brand-new tales that are exclusive to the book.

All proceeds will be donated to Feeding America:


Disturbing the Peace

by Miranda Silver

Copyright May 2020

MF, strangers, light bondage


This silent retreat is killing me.

I’m sitting in a room with forty other people, all kneeling and meditating on the wooden floor. We’re two days in, and during the first meditation session, there were plenty of noises as people got settled. But everyone else seems to have found their stride.

I’m no good at sitting still, and I’m definitely not the silent type. I came here because I needed a break from life, but life keeps chasing me.

And every time I fidget or yawn, this one jerk gives me a disapproving look. Which just makes me fidget more. We’re supposed to keep our gazes cast down, but whenever I see him, I’m increasingly on edge.

My long curly red hair falls into my face, tickling my cheeks. I quickly twist it into a bun and catch him watching me with narrowed eyes, as if he can’t meditate with all that distraction.

I cough. He glares. I’m not sure which one of us is less peaceful right now.

And to make it worse, he’s hot. Disturbingly so.

Dark hair, dark brows, olive skin, startling blue eyes… I don’t trust hot guys.

When he turns away, I check him out. We’re supposed to dress modestly here. But even with his loose white T-shirt and pants, there’s enough bronzed skin on display to give me an idea of his body — a dirty idea. He’s thirty-something, like me. No wedding ring. His hands are beautiful. Of course they are.

I try to stay calm and ignore him. But during the walking meditation, I trip and lose my balance. During mealtime, I drop a dish. Each time, he shoots me a look, as if I’m messing up his whole day.

After lunch, I exit through the wrong door, because of course. He’s rounding a clump of pine trees, probably coming back from the restroom, and I accidentally brush past him.

My bare arm presses against his with a sudden shock. My pale freckled skin makes a startling contrast to his bronzed forearm. His blue eyes open wide, and for a second, neither of us moves. Our eyes lock. Naturally, we say nothing. But the touch, the eye contact — these are all against the rules.

I’m suddenly, completely aware that my breast is nudging his arm. My nipple’s so hard that it aches. My gaze drops to his loose pants, and I stare at the tent of his erection before dragging my eyes back to his flushed face.

On cue, we both jump back. He rakes a hand through his hair and gives me that look of pure annoyance.

All my nerves are wide awake. On edge, I let out a giggle and get another glare. I stick my tongue out at his sexy back, and dammit, he turns and sees. Hurrying away from his disapproval, I bite down more laughter.

But underneath, I’m ruffled. Pissed off. His attitude is ruining my retreat.


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