CRAVE Story #5: “Teach Me”

Hi friends! The fifth CRAVE story is very special because it’s a reader request. When I put out a call for suggestions, some amazing scenarios came in. This particular trope is a classic, and it was so much fun to give it a spin.

Many thanks to Crystal for suggesting “a male teacher and a female student…not in the school, though maybe that’s where they noticed one another, but a normal, everyday setting where they are free to indulge and do so.”

So many possibilities. 🙂 I can’t wait for you to meet Aaron and Mia below.

“Teach Me” is the final story in the free CRAVE series. If you’ve been following along, you know that I began CRAVE in March to offer a fun, fluffy, smutty escape from the current reality.

It’s been a pleasure to write these stories and share them with you. I love the short story form and the freedom of posting on the blog, and having this goal at such a crazy time has been a very welcome distraction. Thank you so much for reading; it means the world to me.

But! This is not the end. CRAVE is coming out as an ebook this summer! It’ll include the five stories published here, revised and polished, PLUS two new stories written just for the ebook. One of those stories will feature Patrick and Christina from my book Priceless. All proceeds will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts.

The CRAVE ebook will be available on all platforms. Release date will be announced soon.

Thanks again for reading. I hope you enjoy Aaron and Mia.



Teach Me

by Miranda Silver

Copyright May 2020

M/F, teacher/student, age gap (older man/younger woman), light D/s


Mia fidgeted with her cocktail in the crowded London bar. Tonight, she would meet him.


The older man she’d been texting for a week.

The man who’d kept her awake at night and distracted during the day.

The man with the roguish smile, the witty banter, and the dirty mind.

Quickly, she opened the dating app on her phone and swiped to Aaron. His photo was taken from the side. He grinned rakishly at the camera, his sandy blond hair falling in his face. He was forty, fit, handsome — close to twenty years older than her.

And he made her delirious with excitement.

She glanced around. People jostled her on either side, rubbing elbows, but they were too drunk and noisy to pay any attention. Hiding her phone inside her fuzzy jacket, she found the video she’d watched so many times, she’d practically worn out the screen: a beautiful cock, flushed with arousal, the skin tight and shiny, gripped in its owner’s fist. That fist shamelessly jacked it, becoming a blur, until creamy cum spurted out, flying all over the big male hand.

Mia’s mouth watered, and her pussy buzzed insistently. With the text that followed the video — kneel between my legs and clean me up, baby girl — she’d stroked herself to a frantic orgasm. Countless times. God, he was delicious.

“Aaron,” she murmured, scanning the bar. Her nipples tightened and her whole body flamed at the prospect of finally meeting him. Seeing him, hearing his voice.

Touching him.

At first, they’d just chatted. The subjects ranged from philosophy to their favorite bands to embarrassing childhood stories. He’d made her laugh out loud. Snorting tea out her nose in a cafe, in fact.

Then she got up the courage to confess four things:

She’d always wanted to be with an older man.

She was shy.

She was kinky.

She wanted to be taught.

And he drank it up. Always respectful, always making sure she was willing, but filthier by the day. He led her down a rabbit hole that started with dirty talk.

Pictures followed. You have the most beautiful tits, little girl. So big and firm, your pink nipples begging for my tongue.

Then came the videos. He coaxed her to hold her phone close to her slick pussy and stroke her swollen clit for him until she exploded in a flash of pleasure.

Mia loved the coaxing. She loved yielding to him, following his increasingly dirty orders. In the end, what took her over the edge in that video was knowing how much she pleased him.

God, she was wet. She squirmed on the barstool. They’d agreed to just talk at this first meeting. Get to know each other. Aaron had assured her he didn’t expect anything.

What if I want you to expect something? she’d teased.

She smoothed her long dark hair, streaked with purple, and glanced down. Under her jacket, a low-cut black shirt showed her generous cleavage. Her short plaid skirt rode up her thighs, encased in sheer black tights, as she scuffed one sneaker against the other. Six months ago, she’d only dreamed of dressing like this. As she’d confided in Aaron, she’d come to London to try to break out of her shell.

Mia took a gulp of her drink. She’d been careful not to share identifying details, but she’d shared just about everything else. Now, she wondered if he was really who he said he was. He seemed too good to be true.

A sandy blond head in the doorway caught her attention. Her heart rose into her throat. This was it. The meeting might be a total flop. She stuffed her phone in her purse and clasped her hands together.

Please, she prayed to whoever was listening, let this be goddamn perfect.

She started across the room, her pulse skyrocketing. That was definitely Aaron walking into the bar. He looked around calmly. Confidently. Unbuttoning his coat.

She’d worried that he wouldn’t look like his picture. That even the videos lied. But as she approached him, it was clear that the man in front of her was no lie.

For a second, she thought about running. Not because she didn’t want him, but because she wanted him so much. They’d connected so easily over text. She’d told him things — shown him things — no one else could even guess.

She stopped in front of him. When his warm brown eyes met hers, her throat closed up.

Dammit, don’t be shy now. He’s seen you naked.

He tucked a strand of purple-streaked hair behind her ear, and her cheeks burned. The simple gesture made it hard to breathe.

“Hi,” she managed. “It’s me.”

He flashed an impish smile, showing the dimple in his square chin. “You.”

Along with the smile, there was a strange tickle of recognition that she couldn’t place.

She stretched out her hand, and he took it.

“And it’s you.” Her dry throat made her voice rasp.

“None other.” He surveyed her, still holding her hand, then pulled her into a hug.

It was a friendly hug. No pressure, no expectations. But her arms instinctively tightened around his neck, and her body followed.

Even through their winter coats, she felt her breasts bump his firm chest. She let out a soft noise as his hands settled on her curvy hips.

“Molly, sweet girl,” he whispered.

Right. In an abundance of caution, she’d used a different name on the app, planning to tell him her real name in person if all went well.

At the time, it had seemed like a great idea.

Mia pulled back. “I have to tell you something.”

“Anything.” He took her chin in his hand.

Recognition pulsed, stronger. She’d met this man before, and she couldn’t place where. Something shifted in his eyes, and he peered at her more closely.

“My name isn’t really Molly.” She fought to hold his gaze. “It’s actually Mia. I used an assumed name on the app, you know, just to be on the safe side…”

He blinked, surprised, then grinned. “All right. I’m not mad about it. Mia’s a beautiful name. And I understand—”

His eyes suddenly widened, then narrowed. Her name had rung a bell. As he opened his mouth, the truth came to her too.

“Mia,” he repeated. “Would that be Mia—”

“Oh my God.” She put her hand to her mouth.

“Mia Hawkins?” His arms stiffened around her.

“Oh God, you’re—”

He held her away from him.

“Shit,” he gritted. “Shit, shit.”

“Jesus,” she breathed.

“You look so different. I didn’t know.”

She stared up at him. “Professor Taylor?”

His hands hovered over her without actually touching. She could feel the heat radiating from his palms, through her jacket, burning her soft skin.

“Modern Literature, front row,” he muttered. “Great work but never participated.”

“It’s okay,” she said quickly. “It doesn’t matter, it’s not a big deal. That was last year.”

She never would have expected to soothe him. He was older, more experienced. But she stroked his back and cupped his cheek. His breath quickened, and he flinched.

“It’s okay, Aaron,” she repeated.

“No, it’s not okay.”

“I’m not your student anymore. We’re across the ocean from the university.”

“Are you still enrolled?” His voice was terse and businesslike.

Fuck it, she’d give anything for him to hold her again and call her his sweet girl.

“Yes.” Her eyes dropped. “I’m doing my junior year abroad here. What about you?”

“I’m on sabbatical. Researching and writing.” She stared up at him, and he swallowed. “We can’t do this, Mia.”

“Yes, we can.”

“I pride myself on being ethical, and this is completely unethical.”

Goddammit. She’d finally met a man she liked, a man she was overwhelmingly attracted to, a man she could be herself with, and this was over before it began?

Mia had always been a people pleaser. She hated arguing. Hated making a fuss. She kept her mouth shut, even when she had something to say.

That ended now.

She straightened her shoulders and took a deep breath. “You know what? I love you for saying that, but I also hate you for saying that.”

His mouth fell open.

“What are you so afraid of? Do you think I’ll get you in trouble? Is that it? ‘Professor Taylor sent me dick pics?’”

“That’s part of it,” he muttered.

“I would never do that.” The words rushed out, gathering strength. “I’m completely, totally on board with everything we’ve done. I would never try to hurt you. Never. And I know you’d never take me anywhere I don’t want to go.”

“All that from a week of texts?” He raised an eyebrow. His face softened, hinting at the dimple in his chin.

“We’ve talked a lot. I’ve said more to you in the past week than I have to most people in my life.”

“I believe you, Mia.” The dimple showed itself. “You never said a word in class last year, but you’ve talked my ear off the past few days. Practically broke my phone.”

“No, that was you.” Her cheeks flushed.

“You didn’t wear makeup back then, did you?” He traced a finger over the dark lipstick on her full lips. “Your hair was much shorter. Definitely not purple. And you favored…turtlenecks.”

His warm brown eyes dropped to the glimpse of cleavage, creamy and full, peeking from her fuzzy jacket. She shivered. Her nipples ached, feeling the force of his eyes through her tight shirt.

“So you can’t really blame me for not recognizing you.” His smile was relaxed now, wicked. “I don’t know what your excuse is. Or do you have one?”

“I swear I didn’t recognize you, Aaron.”


“Really! No glasses now. Longer hair.” She dared to run her fingers through the sandy blond locks. “Completely different context.”

He was calm now. In control. Pinning her to the spot with his gaze, making her squirm in the most delicious way.

“You were so quiet in class, but I could tell a lot was happening under the surface. And the papers you turned in were beautiful. I don’t get to read a lot of beautiful papers.”

Thank you, she was about to say. What came out instead was, “I don’t want to hear about my beautiful papers right now.”

His eyebrows shot up.

She slipped her hands under his coat. His wool sweater was soft yet prickly under her palms. He caught her wrists in a tight grip. The suddenness made her gasp.

“Dinner first,” he said firmly. “We’ll talk.”

“I don’t want to just talk.”

His hand tangled in her hair and closed in a fist. She inhaled sharply. “Brat.”

“We can have dinner afterwards.” Her heart beat madly, stunned at her own forwardness.

“And do what beforehand?” The hand in her hair twisted, pulling her head back, forcing her to look at him.

She hesitated.

“Tell me, baby girl.” His eyes narrowed. This was the Aaron she’d come to know over the past week. Dirty, dominant, soaked in lust.

Her cheeks bloomed red. “Right here in the bar?”

“You want it, I expect you to ask for it. Explicitly.” He wasn’t smiling now.

Her courage was about to flee. She swallowed hard. For Aaron, she could do this.

“I want you to take me back to your place.” Her voice came out a whisper. “And I want you to teach me.”

He exhaled, and his eyes turned to slits. “Teach you what?”


“Mia…” He drew her name out in the sweetest caress. “What a little slut you are. You’re even naughtier than I thought.”

Her chest rose and fell, too excited to respond. She managed to squeeze out one sentence.

“Does this mean you’re okay with it?”

He raised his eyebrows.

“With us?” she pressed.

He surveyed her, slowly. His gaze set her whole body on fire. That mischievous smile flickered over his face.

“Button your coat, sweetheart,” he said. “We’re going home.”

He held her hand firmly as they left the bar. Mist dampened the air, and streetlamps cast pools of light in the early evening.

Mia stiffened as Aaron led her confidently down a maze of streets. God, she was trusting him completely. A week of dirty texts, a sense of safety because she’d liked him as a professor — was that enough to go on?

He squeezed her hand. “Okay, baby?”

“I’m nervous,” she blurted.

“In a good way or in a bad way?”

“I’m not sure.”

He stopped and took her face in his hands. “We’re not going to do anything you don’t want to, sweet girl. We can stop any time.”

“Does that turn you on that I’m nervous?”

His eyes crinkled, and she immediately felt better. “When you’re shy, absolutely. Worried, no. Are you sure about this?”

She nodded vigorously.


“What do you like about me being shy?” she ventured, as they slowed in front of a narrow building and turned in the front gate. Her heart pounded at the thought of going into Aaron’s house…stripping naked for him…

He considered her. “It’s sexy to know that you have layers and you’re peeling them back for me. I’m shy too.”

Mia gaped at him. “Shut up. You are? I can’t believe that. You seem so confident. So in control.”

“Years of practice.” He winked at her. “Every semester on the first day of classes, I get nervous. Have to give myself a pep talk in the mirror. Run a few miles. Can’t eat, can’t sleep.”

She eyed him suspiciously as he unlocked the front door. “You’re just trying to make me feel better.”

His smile made her melt. “Is it working?”

His flat was attractive: brick walls, plants in the corner, records scattered on the coffee table. The cozy mess made her feel at home. But she barely had time to take it in, because he tossed his coat on the couch, backed her against the wall and covered her mouth with his.

The kiss took everything and left her gasping.

“I know you’re shy, baby.” He loomed over her with a devilish smile. “But right now, I want you to undress for me.”

She turned bright red. Even though she’d shown him everything on camera already.

“I want to,” she blurted, “but I’m scared.”

He took her face in his hands. “Mia, you asked me to teach you.”

“Then help me do it.”

He kissed her more softly, his lips grazing hers, as his warm hands cupped her face. Slowly, they moved down her neck, unbuttoning her jacket. When it gaped open, he slid his hands inside to rub her shoulders.

Bit by bit, Mia relaxed. The kiss became harder, deeper, more passionate. His hands moved to her collarbone. Then her neck. Then her cleavage, stroking her breasts above her low-cut shirt, slipping down every so often to graze her nipples through the clingy fabric.

Dimly, she understood what he was doing. He was getting her accustomed to his touch. Making her want more, to the point where she’d ask. Even beg.

She tore her mouth from his. It wasn’t easy.

“Please.” She locked eyes with him. “I — I want more.”

“Mia…” he chastised. “You know better than that. Be direct. Be specific.”

“Damn you, this isn’t an English paper.” She started to giggle.

He fixed her with a look. “Are you questioning my methods?”

“Yes, Dr. Taylor.” She shook with laughter.

A grin sneaked across his face and vanished in an instant. He took her chin in a firm grip.

“Baby, if you want more, I expect you to tell me what and how. Of course, I could also just spank you until you comply.”

Her laughter evaporated. “I want you to take my clothes off for me.”

His voice dropped. Softer, more dangerous. “Aren’t you a demanding little thing?”

The next second, her fuzzy jacket was on the floor. He pulled off her tight shirt, expertly undid her lacy bra. It was all so fast, which just added to the sudden shock of his hands on her breasts.

She was breathing so fast, she thought she’d explode.

Aaron grinned down at her. “You’re turned on, aren’t you? You have such luscious tits.” He pinched her plump pink nipples, and she gasped. “You’re blushing, Mia. I like that. All the way down to those gorgeous breasts. Touch yourself for me.”

She looked down, her hair hanging in her face, as she cupped her heavy tits and lightly rubbed her thumbs over her puckered nipples.

“Good girl,” he crooned, brushing the strands of purple hair away from her breasts. “Stand up straight, give me a full view.”

Her chest rose and fell as she straightened, thrusting it out. But her eyes remained downcast. She was embarrassed, but she was also fascinated, watching her own nipples get even tighter and harder, knowing Aaron was watching too…

A fist in her hair jerked her head back. His eyes were dark with lust.

“I said, stand up straight, Mia.”

Her pussy throbbed with excitement. She let out a whimper. She was soaked, so soaked under her short plaid skirt.

“Yes, Aaron,” she breathed.

“You know…” he mused, a smile growing on his face as he surveyed her. “You really frustrated me in class last year.”


“Uh-huh.” He traced her full lips with one finger. She crossed her legs, trying to seek relief from the insistent ache in her cunt. “I saw how smart you are, how brilliant and insightful, and I wished, just once, that you would open your mouth.”

Her lips parted, and he pushed his finger in. She sucked on it in a rush of excitement.

“You always hid yourself.” A warm hand squeezed her breast. “Your body, your mind. You kept yourself a secret. That’s right, baby, keep pinching those pretty nipples for me.”

She was shaking, barely able to stand.

“I tried to help you come out of your shell. Do you remember? It’s all coming back to me now.”

She nodded frantically.

“You’d get this look in discussions like you wanted to say something. Once I asked if you wanted to contribute. You turned bright red and shook your head.”

He unzipped her short skirt. It fell around her ankles. She let out a whimper, staring up at him with glazed eyes as he fucked her mouth with his finger.

“And there was the time I called you over after class.” He worked his hand inside her black tights, stroking her soft stomach. “You’d written such a strong paper, and I wanted to share it with everyone as an example.”

Mia’s head swirled. She remembered. He’d given her such an encouraging smile. It made her feel warm inside, and she could barely look at him. She’d agreed to let him share the paper, but she’d wanted to crawl under her desk when he did.

“I hoped you’d be proud,” he murmured. “You deserved to be. And I want you to be proud now.”

He pulled his finger from her mouth, kissed her softly, and tugged down her tights and panties together.

Instinctively she covered her pussy with her hands. God, she wanted him so much, but she was so nervous…. And, hell, hoping for that stern voice again. Maybe even a spanking.

Instead, he rubbed her shoulders, his voice reassuring. “It’s okay, baby girl. I’ve already seen your pretty cunt, remember? I’ve watched you play with your sweet clit. You even spread yourself for me so I could see your tight little hole, oozing with horny juices. You were such a good girl, coming for me. And I know you’re going to be a good girl for me now.”

“Did it turn you on, Aaron?” she whispered, hungry to hear the answer she already knew. “Did you like seeing me touch myself?”

He chuckled softly. Dangerously. “You have no idea how many loads I shot, imagining my cum spraying all over your tender pink lips. Dripping from your little cunt after I fucked you deep.”

Trembling with need, she moved her hands away from her mound, eager to show herself to him now.

“Fuck,” he hissed.

Very lightly, he traced the neatly trimmed patch of dark hair and the tender skin surrounding it. She let out a whimper, and he smiled. She felt incredibly exposed, naked for him with her tights and panties around her ankles while he stood over her, fully dressed. She’d never been so excited in her life.

Gathering courage, she ran her hands over his arms and chest, exploring his body in turn. Her juices oozed down her thighs. He dragged his finger between them, collecting her cream, until he met soft bare lips.

“Oh God, Aaron, yes—”

Slowly, deliberately, he cupped her pussy and stroked his middle finger along liquid heat. When he grazed her clit, she gasped.

“So wet for me, sweet girl. I wouldn’t expect anything less.” He abruptly let go. “Take off those tights and panties and that skirt around your ankles. Not to mention your shoes. I want you completely naked when you walk into my bedroom.”

She flushed from head to toe. Bending over, aware that he was drinking in her every move, she stepped out of her skirt and unlaced her sneakers. Her full breasts hung down, aching with need, and he was definitely staring at her ass…

“Faster, Mia.” His brown eyes were hot with desire, but his voice was calm. “Otherwise I’ll have to punish you and I don’t want to do that on our first night.”

“Oh, you don’t?” Still bent over, she peeked up at him. Holding the pose now, because his attention felt good.

His mouth quirked in a grin. “Trust me, baby. I know you’re eager to experience everything, but let’s save something for tomorrow.”

Tomorrow. The thought made her giddy. Hastily, she took off her sneakers and stripped away her tights and panties.

Aaron led her into his bedroom. She was grateful for his firm grip, because her knees were about to give out. He pushed her onto a big, soft bed and crouched over her.

Undress me, baby, he ordered.

Eagerly, fumbling a little, she pulled his sweater over his head and ran her fingers through his sandy blond hair. It was so soft, and his lips were so close, that she instinctively pulled him down for a kiss.

Oh God, his mouth was hot, his tongue was hungry, his hands were all over her breasts like they belonged to him…

A sharp pinch on her nipple made her cry out.

He grinned down at her. “You have a job to do. Don’t get distracted.”

“You’re nothing but distracting.” She rolled her eyes, secretly loving the stern look he gave her. His belt came open in her hands, she tugged down his pants, and in the next minute, he loomed over her, naked.

His body was lean and hard, with just a hint of softness. In the dim light of the room, his cock curved toward her, large and beckoning.

“Hold onto the headboard,” he ordered.

God, with her arms above her head, she couldn’t hide anything from him. She felt incredibly vulnerable, lying beneath him while his eyes roved over her bare curves like she was a feast spread out for his pleasure.

“I’ve thought so much about your body, baby girl. What you’d look like, all of you.” His hands followed his eyes, roaming over her arms, her stomach, her hips. He caressed her breasts, giving special attention to her puckered nipples. “Not just your beautiful tits on my screen, or even your hot little pussy coming especially for me, but all of you.”

“Me too,” she whispered. “You’re even better in person.”

“Such a naughty little girl.” He opened her thighs firmly. “Mmmmm. There’s the perfect pussy that’s been haunting my dreams.”

His finger sank inside her cunt. Her hot excitement made it easy for him to penetrate her. Still, she gasped at the invasion.

“Absolutely soaked. Spread your legs for me,” he urged. “That’s my girl.”

She’d only had sex once. Aaron knew that. It was near the end of the one relationship she’d had. Her boyfriend had accused her of being closed off…not fun enough. Needless to say, the sex had been far from good. She’d been barely wet, clenched up tight, and it hurt.

She’d told Aaron all this. He promised her that if he ever touched her, it would be the opposite of that experience in every way.

He was right.

She moaned as he fingered her, opening like a flower under his sure attention. His thumb grazed her clit, coaxing the swollen bud into full arousal. He withdrew, and more pressure met her pussy. Bigger, thicker.

“Mia,” he murmured, “you’re such a good little slut for me. That’s it, let me in.”

She looked down. Two of his large fingers massaged her opening, pressing in.

“Is that okay, baby girl?” His voice was all soft concern, but his eyes were devouring her. “You’re so fucking tight, I don’t want to overwhelm your little pussy.”

“Yes, yes, it’s okay.”

God, he felt big. She was overwhelmed, but in the very best way. He was going slow, exactly the way she needed.

“Aaron…” she pleaded. “I’m so close…”

“Sshhh, baby. Just feel good.”

She let go of the headboard, reaching for him, and was startled by a smack on her thigh. It didn’t hurt, exactly. In fact, it felt exciting with Aaron fingering her. But it did sting.

“No, Mia,” he said firmly. “You’ll be able to touch me later. This is about you giving me your pussy. You’re going to let go and come for me and do everything I say.”

Shuddering with need, she grasped the headboard.

“That’s my girl.” His free hand slid down from her thigh to cup her ass. A soft, tickling sensation made her squirm.

Oh my god. Her ass. He was touching her asshole, slick with her juices. Petting it, stroking it. She squeezed down, then relaxed as he worked his finger in.

It felt so…natural for him to touch her there. So warm and good and right.

“Mia,” he crooned, “you’re perfect. I’m going to fill you everywhere. You’re the best student I could ever hope for. I love that you’re giving yourself over to me so completely. Letting me see and touch you all over. My sweet, shy little slut…”

The words swirled over her in a blissful haze. She clenched tight around his fingers, her pussy and ass together, and climaxed in a long wave. Aaron massaged her clit as she came, urging her through more ripples of pleasure. Finally she fell back to the bed and he eased his fingers out of her.

She hugged him tight, his hot flesh and hard muscles making her head spin. He kissed her, then stood.

“Kneel on the rug and wait for me.”

Mia obeyed, her heart still pounding from her orgasm. She stared at Aaron’s cock as he left the room. Was he going to order her to suck him? She heard the sounds of water running in the bathroom. Her pussy was hot and pulsing, and her ass tingled from his attention.

When he re-entered the room and sat down on the bed directly in front of her, she bit her lip.

“Come here, Mia,” he said softly.

Quickly, she moved between his legs, riveted to the heavy, hard shaft he was stroking.

In their texts, Aaron had told her how much he enjoyed being deep-throated. And that if she wanted to learn, he’d teach her. She’d been mindless with lust as he described shooting his cum down her warm throat. She’d touched herself to his dirty words, eventually coming as she imagined his dick filling her mouth.

Of course I want to learn, she’d texted, because it had all been so hot. I want to make you come that way.

Now his cock was in her face, thick and veined, even more mouthwatering than on video. But Jesus, it was big. This was no fantasy. She swallowed.

“Aaron,” she confessed, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Don’t worry, baby.” He stroked her hair back from her face, twisting his fingers in the purple waves. “I’m not going to give you any more than you can handle. Go at your own pace for now. Just explore.”

His calm assurance excited her beyond belief. Taking a deep breath, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. He felt wonderful, silky soft skin over rigid hardness, and it felt so right to glide her hand along his cock. She looked up at him shyly as she ran the tip of her tongue over his slit.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

Gathering confidence, she swirled her tongue all over his firm head. God, he was a mouthful, but his obvious pleasure spurred her on.

She felt deliciously submissive kneeling at his feet, their positions exaggerated: the inexperienced young girl being schooled by the older man. When his grasp tightened on her hair, and his hand slid to the back of her head, she shivered in excitement.

“Good, Mia. Take me just a little deeper. You look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth. Cup my balls and play with them…fuck, yes. That’s a good girl. I have so much cum for you, baby.”

The craziness of it all hit her. I’m sucking my English professor’s cock.

Breathing through her nose, she sank down on him, eagerly licking and sucking his thick shaft, until his cock slid in far enough to nudge the back of her throat.

His hands jerked, tightening on her hair in exquisitely painful pleasure.

“Good girl,” he crooned. “Good, good girl. Relax for me, just like that.”

She was unbearably excited as he fucked her mouth, slowly and surely, heaping praise on her each time he reached her throat. But there was so much of him, and she needed to catch her breath, and there was a question she just had to ask…

She pulled free, grasping his cock, and sucked in air.

“Did you want me when I was in your class?”

His nostrils flared. When he spoke, his voice was rough. “I try not to think about my students that way.”

“Right,” she teased. “You pride yourself on being ethical.”

He gave her hair a firm yank. She felt it all the way to her toes. “The key word is try. And the answer is fuck, yes.”

Giddy, she dove down to suck him again, worshiping the thick flesh filling her mouth.

“I wanted to hear you talk, Mia. I wanted to know what was inside that head of yours.” She sucked harder, and he hissed with pleasure. “I wanted to peel off your turtlenecks and feast on the luscious tits I knew you were hiding. I wanted to command you to suck my cock exactly the way you’re doing now.”

And Mia wanted him to come. She wanted to taste the cream that had spurted across her screen so enticingly. But Aaron gripped her hair and pulled her head back.

“That’s enough for tonight, baby. On the bed.”

She let go of his cock and gazed up at him. “How do you want me?”

He swore under his breath. “On your back.”

He helped her onto the bed. Once again, he crouched over her, massaging her cunt with a sure hand. She moaned when two  fingers penetrated her, easily this time. Her hands roamed over his sweaty back, his shoulders and chest, with a mind of their own.

“Fuck me, Aaron,” she pleaded.

His face was dark with lust. “I’m going to, Mia. You’re my gorgeous, naughty young slut and I’m going to take you here on my bed.”

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and firmly spread her thighs. As he grasped his cock, pointing it at her, she clutched his shoulders.

“I wish this were my first time.”

His expression softened. “Then let’s say it is. You’re a sweet little virgin and I get to deflower you.”

She giggled and arched up to kiss him. Then the air hissed out of her as his cock pressed against her tight cunt.

“That’s right, baby. Open up for me.”

Slowly, she yielded to him, her pussy clinging to his thick head.

“Aaron!” she gasped as he sank inside her.

When he began to thrust, her legs closed sharply around his back. He felt huge, but she was slick and hot and he was kissing her lips, her face, her neck, fondling her breasts, telling her how proud he was of her for taking him. It felt incredible, but—

Mia wrapped her arms around him. “I love you teaching me,” she whispered. “And I want to learn from you. But right now, I just want to be us. Mia and Aaron. I’m not your student right now, I’m your—”

What was she? They’d just met. And yes, he knew most of her life story and his dick was buried halfway in her pussy, but…

He waited, crouching over her, one hand squeezing her breast. “Go ahead, Mia. I’m listening.”

Maybe he did just want her to be his student. A plaything, a sweet little almost-virgin he could mold and teach.

Or maybe not.

“Your girl,” she said in a rush. “Right now, I’m just your girl.”

“Fuck, yes,” he hissed, pulling her close.

She didn’t need coaxing to take him now. When he thrust in deep, she was ready. She buried her face in his neck, licking and biting his salty skin until he groaned and ground against her clit. Her nails raked his back. Her breasts bounced with each thrust. His balls slapped her ass as he fucked her.

God, she was so full of him, so connected, and it was messy and reckless and incredibly noisy. That was the most shocking part, how much noise she was making. He was heavy and hot and hard, and as he fucked her into oblivion, his hand gripping her hair, her cries mingling with his filthy words, he gave her one order:

“Look at me.”

Eyes wide, she stared up at him.

“I want to cum on you, Mia. Just like we talked about. Do you want that?”

All she could do was nod.

He pulled out. His hand blurred on his gorgeous cock. Hot cream splashed onto her breasts, her nipples, her stomach and pussy. As his cum dripped down her skin, he dove between her legs.

She gasped. He was licking up her juices with total abandon, pushing her towards another orgasm. Her need, bottled up for so long, roared through her cunt. She cried out, pushing his face into her folds, all her shyness left behind as she spasmed in a long, helpless climax.

Afterward, he held her close. As they snuggled, she traced a finger through the cum between her breasts and gave it a playful lick. His brown eyes narrowed, and the mischievous grin she already loved flickered across his face.

“Since you’re not my student right now, I won’t tell you you’re a good girl. I’ll just say that was hot.”

Mia laughed. “I can be your good girl too,” she began, but she was cut off by the sound of his stomach rumbling. “Are you hungry?”

He shrugged. “A certain someone said she wanted to skip dinner and go straight to my house, so I was a gentleman and obliged. And I told you what I’m like before a big event…can’t eat, can’t sleep…so no lunch either.”

She sat up. “Wait, you were nervous? About meeting me?”

He stretched his arms above his head and smiled at her shock. “I didn’t know what to expect, Molly. You can never be too careful. You seemed too good to be true.”

“So did you.”

He pulled her down to him. “Well, now that you’ve seduced me and had your way with me…” Mia rolled her eyes, a warm flush running over her body. “How about we have dinner. And talk. The way I expected this evening to go.”

“Come on, Professor Taylor,” she whispered in his ear. “You sent me dick pics. Are you really so surprised we ended up here?”

He tugged a handful of her hair. “Dinner. And talk. I want to listen to you, Mia. Not just read your words on paper or a screen.”

For a second, she was too happy to speak.

“All right,” she said finally, hugging him tight. “I think we have a lot to say to each other.”


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