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Want to see teasers from my WIPs, inspirational/dirty poetry, abs, and more? Drop by my account on Instagram! It's perfect for looking at pretty pictures when a break might be needed from all the words. On the topic of words, The Girl in Between is getting closer and closer to being an actual, finished novel. Like, editing-the-last-three-chapters-and-the-epilogue close. It's… Continue reading On Instagram Now!


Title Reveal & Teaser for the “Boys Next Door” Sequel

Happy Valentine's Day! In the spirit of love and warm fuzzies, I present to you the official title of the long-untitled Boys Next Door sequel. Ready? The Girl In Between.  That would be Diana, who's in between in more ways than one. The Girl In Between will release in Spring or Summer 2018, and it's shaping up to… Continue reading Title Reveal & Teaser for the “Boys Next Door” Sequel


Book Rec: Defiant Attraction by V.K. Torston

Announcement: My writing buddy V.K. Torston's debut novel has just dropped, and it is awesome. Defiant Attraction features a mix of tropes that are like catnip for me: studious good girl and rebellious bad boy, opposites attracting, forbidden love, secrecy, and characters who begin with a brother/sister-type relationship. But this book is so much more than… Continue reading Book Rec: Defiant Attraction by V.K. Torston