Sneak Peek at Next Door #3!

Friends, I haven’t shared much about it yet, but Brendan’s O’Brian’s book is happening!

The first draft is about halfway done. And let me tell you, there is so much that’s hiding behind Brendan’s “good-twin” facade.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sending out a newsletter with the very first peek at Next Door #3. It’s just for subscribers, so make sure to sign up!

Things to know about Brendan’s book: it’s M/F. It takes place 5 years after The Boys Next Door. It’s kinky. It was meant to be a novella, but is now a full-on novel. It’s dual POV, with a whole bunch of chapters from Brendan’s point of view. And it has an HEA!

Brendan’s love interest is a very private girl, so I’m grateful that she’s letting me (and Brendan) into her head in bits and pieces. They are so cute and complicated and combustible together.

Title, blurb, and release date TBA! In the meantime, you can add Next Door #3 to your TBR.


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