Steamy Read-Aloud Time

Hey guys! Just in time for Valentine’s Day…the amazing Book Thingo podcast, which you might remember from this live reading of The Boys Next Door, has a brand-new episode of romance read-alouds.

You can catch me reading a hot makeout scene from Willing Victim by Cara McKenna (my review is here). I loved this story of Laurel, an engineer-turned-waitress drifting through her twenties until she meets Flynn, a super-hot, rough ‘n’ ripped underground boxer who introduces her to fantasies of force. The sticky Boston summer setting is an added bonus.

I highly recommend tuning in. The excerpts run the gamut from sweet to sexy. My reading starts around 56:03, and discretion is advised since the scene does get explicit.  Special thanks to Kat, the host of Book Thingo, and Rudi, the audio producer, for cooking up this special edition, and to Cara McKenna for granting permission to read from her awesome book.

Check it out: http://bookthingo.com.au/bt052-valentines-special-12-readers-reading/


In other news, I know things have been quiet here for awhile, but I promise the Boys Next Door sequel is getting closer to done every day. In fact, I have a special announcement for you guys tomorrow in honor of Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!


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